Quick snap of the Progress on Deans back. We had  three sittings a year apart.

George~Lined Hands


Double whammy hand tattoo. I tattooed the left hand first and you can see from the pic that it was swelling quite quickly. George said that he’d be tattoing the following day …ouch! Well done that man for being stoic and good humoured. We had a good day. Check him out here

Thank you.







Gold leaf/Linen/Acrylic

120cm x 12ocm

Kit Laughlin~Dharma Brother


Kit and Olivia came to visit and be tattooed. They are on an extended tour presenting stretch therapy workshops.

We had a marvellous and memorable time. Good food, good company…and a great meeting of minds.

Both tattoos were by hand. The neck is a blessing/protection

 The inside forearm is the first line from the Dhammapada.”Mind precedes all mental states”

Check out Kit Laughlins vimeo channel here







Gold leaf on Linen 60×60 cms

Chöje Akong Rinpoche Remembered

Akong Rinpoche

It’s a year today that Akong Rinpoche died so tragically. The day I wrote a post about the prayer flags in the trees snapping,..there was so much turbulence. Little did I know what was happening to Rinpoche at that time.

If you have time please watch the three part interview starting here

Thanks and Blessings

Sun and Moon Ensō




23ct gold/Sterling silver leaf and ‘Kroma‘ acrylics on Birch plywood panels,

I painted these as a thank you gift  for our most generous Canadian hosts, Jon and Kes Dron. They have a cabin and gallery on Bowen Island check it out here.

A small word about Kroma , what a gem of a find this was. Just a couple of minutes from false creek where we were staying. “Small batch manufacturers of high quality artist’s acrylics since 1970. Formulated, ground, processed and packaged at our workshop on Granville Island in Vancouver”.

A big thank you to Kevin for his time and illuminating thoughts on colour theory …or is that color?

Blessings to all beings




I am lucky  to have such accepting tattoo clients.We had an easy day listening to Terry Riley’s “Rainbow in curved air” amongst other sounds whilst tattooing and chatting .

Damien and his partner Colette have a clothing business. check them out here and here


thomas hooperthomas hooper2thomas hooper4

We will be moving next year and in preparation I have been tidying and sifting through all the ‘stuff ‘ one accumulates over the years. What to keep/pass on/sell…and throw out or recycle can be quite uplifting, paring down to what one actually needs ,…which isn’t all that much.

Amongst the boxes I found an envelope sent to me from Thomas Hooper with a post date ‘Dec 2001 Cumbria’. I think the Above photos were for a college project. The first two were the view of me taken from Thomas’ perspective whist I tattooed the “Hooper” rocker across his stomach. Anyone who has had their stomach tattooed will testify that it is indeed a particularly nasty place to be tattooed . This is just one example of the determination and calibre of human being Thomas is and how he has achieved his status as an artist/tattooer. Whatever he takes on he will strive to be the best.

Check his work out here and his forthcoming exhibition here

I’m going back to sorting out more Stuff’,..these pics are in the ‘keep’ pile.