Private view not Private view



You are invited and most welcome to attend the not so private view of my recent paintings at ‘The Grange‘ Rottingdean

From 7- 9 pm on the Saturday 19th November – Drinks will be served.

Please mail me to confirm .

Thank you


About the show

We are mesmerized with our phones, ipads and widescreen TVs. I see that we are trapped in devices. Where are we living our lives, how is it affecting our minds or our wellbeing?

In this show I offer an antithesis to the intense watching, commenting and engaging. What you will see is simple abstractions devoid of any ‘real ‘ meaning, images that require no dialogue or theory.

I am asking the viewer to sit or stay for a while, switch off and enjoy emptiness of the ‘ZEN TV’

Jim MacAirt

August 8 2016


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