I’m an Apeman


I often ask myself  ‘where is the truth in this’…

Most times I examine my actions and motives and those of others. I try to fathom what is behind it all. Do we always see clearly the truth of the situation or do we engineer how we perceive reality to fit our egos wants and whims?

Our interactions with ‘our’ world , with each other – no matter how engaged we imagine ourselves to be , how intellectually evolved we believe we are…, could it be driven by a base animal instinct ?

I wondered the premise of the triune brain and if it had any bearing on our anger driven emotions, but it seems that another theory of how the brain has evolved in mammals has now debunked that theory. There is however a marketing movement that has the crocodile brain as its totem and how we are compelled to ‘believe the hype’…but that’s another avenue of debate.

The very basis of meditation is to learn to be alert and yet relaxed , to observe the oneness and the connection to every atom that pervades the universe. The end goal is to not act or react to anything in particular and to accept reality as it is.

How does this translate into the everyday world that we inhabit ? From my point of view it should manifest in being compassionate and understanding , a very difficult thing to achieve when those about you have no inclination towards the same goal. It’s a lot easier if one is living in a monastery or on retreat, but out there in the shopping mall or in the workplace it’s a different ball game.

Perhaps we were better beings as apes, with no aspirations to build and conquer, just sitting in the trees and being.

Blessings to all beings



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