Do karmic accidents happen ?


Again long time no hear …

 I finally have a new secondhand machine. It came about by an unmindful tea spillage that wrote off the previous macbook. Hmm, that was a lesson that I needn’t have learned . I found that I managed quite well without it for most of the time and it was refreshing to not be glued to the screen as is the norm. I was helped out by my wife Freia who kindly lent me her machine when I was in ‘need’.

Non attachment and addiction are what I’ll be alluding too here. Once in a while it seems to be my experience that I force an issue. Did I mean to spill the tea on the laptop or was it truly an accident? It is said that there are ‘no such things as accidents’ and there are plenty of witty quotes to appease the thought that one could have or should have been more careful, more mindful.

According to the oxford dictionary the word accident is from “Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘an event’): via Old French from Latin accident- ‘happening’, from the verb accidere, from ad- ‘towards, to’ + cadere ‘to fall’.”

Being aware of ones surroundings of the potential dangers of  ‘Accidere’  IS  being mindful , however this doesn’t explain the chaos of things bumping ,crashing …or not happening at all. Isn’t this the way the universe came into being , by accident ?

Is Karma at play here , I’ve been wondering if the laws of ‘Karma‘ are at all applicable to anything , is karma an excuse or a pacifier for the process of the way things are or meant to be ,a man made alibi for control ? Here’s where attachment comes into play , my thoughts on what I believe to be true has been on the say-so of others more knowledgeable or ‘enlightened’ than myself , on their investigation of what is generally perceived to be reality. I  have clung to this premise as one of the fundamental laws of Buddhism.

But is Karma true or real , or have I become ‘attached’ to the idea of the excuse for things happening in a certain way and possibly not the way I wanted them to be. Have I become ‘addicted’ to dogma, the fixed obedience I had been previously been  guided towards with my Irish Catholic upbringing ? This is something I thought I could abandon after I became interested in the ‘awakened’ teachings of Siddhārtha Gautama.

To see things as they are or as Suzuki Roshi says Seeing things as it is“,  making ones own mind up as to how reality truly is. If this means dismissing karma and being pragmatic without being dispassionate , still engaged with being human, happy or sad,  in health or with ailments, without the flim-flam or bingy-bonginess of organised religion or philosophy….then so be it !

Thank you for reading .



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