“What is This ?”

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I’ve been meaning to post for sometime, but living life seems to get in the way.

A couple of years back I read Stephen Bachelors  Confession of a Buddhist Atheist‘ and it seemed to appear at the period of self-reflection, perhaps I was looking for it? I spoke to friend whom I’d assisted with putting on retreats and asked if Stephen would be a good speaker to invite for a weekend retreat, He said that he was ‘boring and geeky’. We had been centered on Tibetan/Bhutanese Buddhism with all the smells and bells so I imagine that ‘Plain Buddhism’ would not appeal to the previous or regular retreat goers.

My own views differ, what Stephen has to offer and details in his book is an insight as to what Buddhism is really about. Bachelor points towards a ‘culturally free’ more accurate interpretation of what the Buddha said according to an oral recitation that then recounts what is remembered to form a collection of his sermons. These became known as the Tripitaka. There is much debate as to the interpretations and recollections of what was said, that is where it all becomes complex, something the Buddha was trying his utmost to avoid.

If we apply the core of Buddhist teaching we will soon see that there is little cultural baggage. Simple words of wisdom that are relevant for anyone at anytime, anywhere, with the ultimate goal of  ‘Compassion and Wisdom’.

Every day, every moment one has to examine reality, where the truth is, or as Stephen’s teacher Ven.Kusan Sunim asked, “What is this?”

Blessings to all beings x

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