I was thrown in the deep end at my friends seaside walk-in shop. Previously I had been working for a local MP as the head gardener to make money and exhibiting my paintings and illustrations to make a small amount of money. The first few weeks of tattooing full time was certainly an eye-opener. In those days it quite an ugly place to be and work, but what attracted me most were the possibilities of using the medium artistically.

As with any form of expression it has its limitations, one has to stay within the limits of the medium and learn to use them thoroughly, then that will enable one to push the boundaries and make advances for the benefit of that particular art form.

Today I have been painting, It feels as if I have returned home. And as I was preparing the paint I was thinking of what my tattoo mentor said when I was earnestly and slowly tattooing someone’s arm.

“Hurry up you arty farty wanker , we’ve got a queue out here !”


No change …



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