It’s sad to hear that there has been yet another earthquake in Nepal, which makes this post all the more poignant.


higgins tattoo


higgins auction

The Nepal Earthquake fundraiser at Higgins and Co on the 11th May raised a whopping £17000. Yes indeedy “Seventeen Thousand Pounds”

A magnificent effort by all tattooers and tattooees…90 + people  were tattooed, bought cake, pesto and tee shirts

It’s heart-warming to see such kindness , what a fabulous vibe there was. Many peeps patiently waited for 5 hours or more to be tattooed.

A special mention to my partner Freia who made over 30 jars of an exceptional  ‘Wild Garlic Pesto’ …with the help of my youngest daughter Niamh



 Please consider donating to aid Nepalese earthquake victims


Thank You

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