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We will be moving next year and in preparation I have been tidying and sifting through all the ‘stuff ‘ one accumulates over the years. What to keep/pass on/sell…and throw out or recycle can be quite uplifting, paring down to what one actually needs ,…which isn’t all that much.

Amongst the boxes I found an envelope sent to me from Thomas Hooper with a post date ‘Dec 2001 Cumbria’. I think the Above photos were for a college project. The first two were the view of me taken from Thomas’ perspective whist I tattooed the “Hooper” rocker across his stomach. Anyone who has had their stomach tattooed will testify that it is indeed a particularly nasty place to be tattooed . This is just one example of the determination and calibre of human being Thomas is and how he has achieved his status as an artist/tattooer. Whatever he takes on he will strive to be the best.

Check his work out here and his forthcoming exhibition here

I’m going back to sorting out more Stuff’,..these pics are in the ‘keep’ pile.



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