Prayer Flag Knots ~ my mind

Prayerflag knot

Yesterday I woke to find the prayer flags that are strewn in the trees that encompass the border of our cottage were laying in tatters. It was a very windy night, the trees were shifting and shaking…Autumn is truly on the way here.

I had little time to rehang them as I had someone coming to visit.I tried to sort the knotted cloth and string as quickly as possible then found that it was becoming more of a tangle. We’ve all tried to unravel string or rope at sometime or another haven’t we ?

I then had the realisation that the prayer flag knot was my mind ,…I stopped untangling and looked at the solution…, Saw where the knots were, and slowly freed the maze of cloth. I find it helpful whilst sitting in meditation to look at my mind like this,..being relaxed about my minds tangle.

Just as well I didn’t rush, I checked the Tibetan Calender and it appears to have been a ‘NO Prayer flag hanging day’  Most Inauspicious!

Autumn Blessings to all .


Prayerflag knot2

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