Śūnyatā. like a moth in the flame

It is my morning practice to make offerings to the Buddha . Water, incense, and light. I also try to offer flowers , fruit and sometimes chocolate when I can. But this morning I found a moth in the empty nightlight , it has happened several times over the years and I often wonder what to think about the death of the moth. If  I am mindful I will say a prayer for that being.

Every moment is a lesson for me if I allow myself to be conscious.This morning I imagined that if I were that moth and died right there in the shrine room  it wouldn’t be all that bad.

This then lead me to seek out a teaching about the moth in the flame.

From the’ Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra’   The Buddha states:

By having cultivated non-self in connection with the Buddha nature and having continually cultivated emptiness, suffering will not be eradicated but one will become like a moth in the flame of a lamp.

I now have something to ponder before I go to sleep.

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